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A New English Grammar series for EED students (English Grammar 1)

English Grammar 1 is the first book out of three Grammar Coursebook Series designed to fulfill the minimum requirement for students taking this subject at English Education Department, Faculty of Education, the University of Mataram. This two-credit course is designed to reinforce students’ mastery of English Grammar at elementary levels for both receptive and productive skills. The materials covered include Kinds and Aspects of Sentences, Review of Tenses and Modals, Nouns Pronouns and Determiners, Subject-Verb Agreements, Compound Sentences, and Direct & Indirect Questions and are analyzed and discussed at various levels: phrase, clause and sentence. These materials are presented in the forms of lectures, discussions, and assignments. The assessment is based on student’s performance on assignments, quizzes, and tests.

[I Made Sujana (2017). English Grammar 1. Mataram: Arga Puji Press

English rammar 1




Attached below is the proposal guideline for chapter 1 of your individual project. Please write the draft of your research proposal (chapter 1) using the following format by answering the guiding questions. After completing the worksheet, please send it to the following email address: (special email address for CAR class). Follow the following file name: Your Name_student number_Your Class and Program_Chapter 1, for example: IMadeSujana_E1D014001_VIIA Morning_Chapter 1.

Proposal Guideline – Chapter 1: PROPOSAL GUIDELINES- chapter 1 


For students registered in the CAR/PTK subject under I Made Sujana’s supervision, please find the attached worksheet for deconstructing CAR published skripsi in a group of 2. The purpose of this deconstruction activity is to strengthen your understanding toward the concepts of respective chapters discussed in class meetings prior to writing each chapter of the research proposal. Please read the details of the assignment in the worksheet. GOOD LUCK.

Group Discussion Worksheet: GROUP DISCUSSION PTK