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I Made Sujana was born in Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. He completed his elementary school to senior high school in Ubud, Bali from 1972 - 1984 and his undergraduate study in English Education Department from the University of Mataram in 1989. He earned his M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Department of English, Language and Media (ELM) Macquarie University Sydney, Australia in 1995 under AUSAID scholarship. He has been a lecturer at English Education Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FTTE), the University of Mataram since 1991. His interests are in English Curriculum and Syllabus Design, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Language Testing and Evaluation, Self-Access Language Learning (SALL), TEYL, English Grammar. In addition to his main duty at English Department, he also serves as a Secretary of Language Centre, the University of Mataram. He married L. Sri Narasinta and got one child, Putu D. Bayuguna Perteka. e-mail:

A New English Grammar series for EED students (English Grammar 1)

English Grammar 1 is the first book out of three Grammar Coursebook Series designed to fulfill the minimum requirement for students taking this subject at English Education Department, Faculty of Education, the University of Mataram. This two-credit course is designed to reinforce students’ mastery of English Grammar at elementary levels for both receptive and productive skills. The materials covered include Kinds and Aspects of Sentences, Review of Tenses and Modals, Nouns Pronouns and Determiners, Subject-Verb Agreements, Compound Sentences, and Direct & Indirect Questions and are analyzed and discussed at various levels: phrase, clause and sentence. These materials are presented in the forms of lectures, discussions, and assignments. The assessment is based on student’s performance on assignments, quizzes, and tests.

[I Made Sujana (2017). English Grammar 1. Mataram: Arga Puji Press

English rammar 1




Attached below is the proposal guideline for chapter 1 of your individual project. Please write the draft of your research proposal (chapter 1) using the following format by answering the guiding questions. After completing the worksheet, please send it to the following email address: (special email address for CAR class). Follow the following file name: Your Name_student number_Your Class and Program_Chapter 1, for example: IMadeSujana_E1D014001_VIIA Morning_Chapter 1.

Proposal Guideline – Chapter 1: PROPOSAL GUIDELINES- chapter 1