A New English Grammar series for EED students (English Grammar 1)

English Grammar 1 is the first book out of three Grammar Coursebook Series designed to fulfill the minimum requirement for students taking this subject at English Education Department, Faculty of Education, the University of Mataram. This two-credit course is designed to reinforce students’ mastery of English Grammar at elementary levels for both receptive and productive skills. The materials covered include Kinds and Aspects of Sentences, Review of Tenses and Modals, Nouns Pronouns and Determiners, Subject-Verb Agreements, Compound Sentences, and Direct & Indirect Questions and are analyzed and discussed at various levels: phrase, clause and sentence. These materials are presented in the forms of lectures, discussions, and assignments. The assessment is based on student’s performance on assignments, quizzes, and tests.

[I Made Sujana (2017). English Grammar 1. Mataram: Arga Puji Press

English rammar 1



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